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Category: Music

Good Thing: “Make America Great…” by Cosmik (ft. Rhubarb the Bear)

“Make America Great…” made me wanna trip up the apples, open a box, break open the piggy rattle, and throw some bees at Cosmik. If any of that made sense to you, just click the download link now.

This single takes the tradition of Cockney music-hall shanties and brings it to the modern day with clever lyrics and a fun conceit. It was even featured on Dr. Demento! Brief content warning for some explicit language.

Cosmik is a Florida furry musician who plays multiple instruments, sings, composes, and plays live at a number of venues including the Winter Park Playhouse and Walt Disney World. His music is classic with a modern twist, clever in the mold of Tom Lehrer and Cole Porter.

Cosmik and Rhubarb will be performing at Nordic Fuzz Con in February 2023 and Mephit Fur Meet over Labor Day. Check out Cosmik’s Patreon and Bandcamp in the links below.