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The Puppy and the Ape

I’m Buddy. I’m a writer and cartoonist. I have inattentive-type ADHD. I have went a path through my adult life littered with hobbies and pastimes which have come and gone, but I’ve wanted to write since I was a kid. This is one pastime I really don’t want to let go of. 

The problem with writing more than a microblog is that it takes more than one session of concentration to get thoughts clear and concise. It’s not easy with inattentive ADHD. My brain works like a puppy, i.e., it runs around chasing what’s interesting in the moment, instead of planning long-term like the smart ape it is.

I’ve tried blogging before. I did longish-form blogging on legal subjects and some artistic subjects about five years ago; I lasted about a year before I tuckered out, and that includes a few months of flagging attention and posting. I had a few good articles, I thought. I’ll probably post some here.

The new relationship energy with this blog is still strong, so I’m getting a kick out of writing again.  At some point, I’ll have to figure out how to keep going and maintain discipline when the dopamine rush isn’t there anymore. 

Yes, I have a planner, I bullet journal, I break tasks down into digestible chunks and try to get a reasonable number done a day. Those of you with ADHD are nodding your heads right now, I hope!

So, I kick the question to you, friends—what do you do to keep interest in a long-term project?

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  1. If you haven’t read Ursula Vernon’s twitter I’d scroll back through. She has add and talks about writing and ADD. My suggestion would be always do it at x time. Make it a habit. Also set up a goal prize. Finished x amount get a thing, finish book get thing, edit the book get a thing type of idea. You really like models so you could do something like that. It would both limit your model buying and help you complete writing/ drawing things. Also you can make a writing buddy or group. Check in w each other. Make sure y’all keep on track.

    • I think an accountabilibuddy would be a great idea! And I also like the idea of limiting spending to rewards. This is a good plan.

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